Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Winter Summer

Last winter was the coldest for a generation with heavy snow in mid December. Nearby, snow closed Heathrow Airport and for two days the meadow was uncharacteristically quiet.

This spring was the driest since records began. By late June the meadow already appears like high summer.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mythical Petersham Bull in the Sunday Telegraph

The National Trust decision to corral the Petersham herd was reported in the Sunday Telegraph today.

National Trust fences off cows over fears of risk to public – The National Trust has been accused of "grossly overreacting" by removing cows from a historic meadow and placing them in a fenced-off enclosure because of the apparent risk they pose to the public. Locals have criticised the decision. Sue Jones, a councillor whose ward includes the meadows, said the decision to enclose the cows for long periods was "ludicrous".

The ‘girls’ are interested to meet the handsome bull featured in the Sunday Telegraph.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Temporary Fencing

In early May a dog off the lead attacked the herd. Consequently the National Trust had a temporary fence installed to corral the herd at weekends. A review of the presence of the herd on the meadow followed. The review outcome was to introduce additional temporary fencing for use at weekends, bank and school holidays.
Mike (the farmer), Ian (the herdsman) and Colin erected the new fence on Friday with the cows looking on.
Early Saturday morning, Lin and Alan helped the herdsman lead the cows into the new enclosure.
Visitors view the herd behind the electric fence.

Personal Groomer

A lone magpie looking for breakfast provides personal grooming for members of the herd

Friday, 24 June 2011

New Summer Visitors

Under the stewardship of the Petersham Trust a programme of renewal and improvements was undertaken. The old corrugated steel barn was demolished and a splendid new all wooden building took its place, providing much needed shelter for the cows. 

Swallows can often be seen just up river swooping and turning low over the water as they collect flies for their young. In May, the first pair of swallows took residence in the eaves of the cow shed. They have also adopted the meadow as their hunting ground and can be seen collecting in the shadows cast by the nearby trees.

The City of London Schools Annual Charity Walk

This year the walk started at Kingston Gate, Richmond Park and passed through Petersham Meadows on-route to Kew Green. Money raised on the 9 mile walk will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust and Unseen.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Little White Bull

Only six months old and still keeping close to mum.

A bull calf in the summer sun like generations before him

Here by the Thames immersed in this timeless scene it’s so easy to forget you are in one of the greatest cities in the world. St. Paul’s Cathedral is just twelve mile to the east and visible from the nearby King Henry’s Mound in Richmond Park.  For many a local resident the daily commute is a mere 22 minutes to Waterloo. On the meadow the pace is timeless.