Friday, 17 August 2012

Another Letter to Richmond & Twickenham Times

Moo-ve back to old trust

Sir – As a trustee of the Petersham Trust (now called Petersham Environment Trust) and a member of the advisory committee that links the Petersham Trust to the National Trust I would like to comment on your article (Fence row not resolved, August 10).

Firstly, it is incorrect to say that the cows graze the entire area. One of the problems is that the National Trust only allows a small part of the meadows to be grazed which is why they had to make hay last week. It is our concern that the cows may not be up to weight because they have not had access to the whole meadows. This could have a knock on effect for their calves due in January.

Secondly, it is news to me that the National Trust is considering planting a large hedge around the meadows or indeed grazing behind a semi-circular fence. The National Trust has failed to let cows graze freely, which they would do initially.

If it wants to resolve the fence issue all it has to do is get rid of it. The herd, probably the quietest you will ever find, can then graze the whole meadows freely and the public can enjoy free access again.

What Mr Silverstone does not mention is that the National Trust has a health and safety issue that prevents the removal of the fence. The Petersham Trust managed to keep cows grazing without a fence and I do wonder why the National Trust has let us all down?

You want to resolve the problem?

The answer is to return the Petersham Meadows to the Petersham Environment Trust.


Friday, August 17, 2012

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