Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Health & Safely and the National Trust

 Danger below Richmond Hill

Once upon a time the good people of Richmond were unaware of the great danger lurking below Richmond Hill. Visitors by the hundreds looked across Petersham Meadows and took in the historic view without ever considering that this pastoral scene was a disaster hundreds of years in the making.  Thanks to the immense foresight of the National Trust this danger was quickly brought under control and the Petersham Herd was contained behind an electric fence.

 New Danger introduced by the National Trust

Enhancing the natural beauty of the meadows

Eliminating this great danger has brought a new tranquillity to the Petersham Meadows; parents can now be heard calling to their children, ‘keep away from that electric fence’. National Trust staff are always on hand with their mechanical machines enhancing the natural beauty of the meadows. Now that the danger has been purged there is no need for warning signs, high visibility vests or ear protection when maintenance is in progress.

 Grass cutting underway
No signs warning the public or protective equipment for the workers

Families with children have no warning of the new dangers obscured by the tall grass

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