Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rotating the Grazing

The National Trust finally rotated the gazing today after the Diamond Jubilee Holiday. During the holidays the meadows were very quiet with most people attending the celebrations in Central London, joining in street parties or staying in to watch on the television. 

Old steam boat returning up the Thames after the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

While the electric fence was dismantled and moved to its new position the cows were herded into the corral.

Calves with the tall grasses in the corral

Last week at the Public Meeting the National Trust set out their aims for Petersham Meadows. Does this year’s idea of grazing a section at a time meet with their aim of enhancing the natural beauty of the meadows?

Relocated electric fence

The fence has an additional third lower wire to deter dogs. It is not electrified and at times is almost lying on the ground. How this is going to discourage dogs from harassing the herd is difficult to understand.

 Three wired fence

Third wire lying on the ground

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